Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Horex is back in action, offers new Horex VR6 in exclusive European markets

The historic German bike company, Horex is back. Their first product since the company shut down back in 1950, is an exclusive and unique machine. You will be forgiven, if at first glance you make the mistake of judging this bike on its traditional and demure appearance. The exclusive powerplant that this bike boasts off is sure to make you rethink your first impression. It is so exclusive that the company has already got a patent on it. This bike boasts of a VR6 engine, with V standing for its configuration shape, R standing for Reihenmotor, German for inline motor, while the 6 stands for its six cylinders. With the unconventional cylinder arrangement, mounted at a 15 degree angle, the cylinder takes up a very little space, compared to its counterparts in the market.
The engine is slightly bigger than a 4 cylinder inline engine, and a lot shorter than your conventional V6. According to Horex, Volkswagen, the creators of the VR6 engine, were their technical partner in creating this project, so there’s a great chance, that this bike utilizes a Volkswagen derived unit. For those not happy with their regular naturally aspirated engine, Horex has added a supercharger, which will deliver 197 horsepower and generate 110 pounds feet torque with its 1200 cc engine. The engineers also opted for a strong rubber belt which will transmit power to its rear wheels. The only disappointment of this bike is that the styling department hasn’t given it the same touch that its engineers have bestowed on it. While it is still good looking, it doesn’t have the same ‘wow’ factor to it. However, this will only go to show that you are a guy who opts for substance over style.
Price at €20,000 this bike is sure to deliver on performance. The bike will go on sale in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The company also plans to expand its market to include North America and other parts of Europe. Chances of this bike coming to India, however, look slim.

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